“Accept Your Own And Be Yourself”

Discover the beauty of all-natural hair care. Our products are made with the best quality ingredients that deliver nourishment and vitality to your hair for healthier and more vibrant hair. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and elevate your hair care routine with our all-natural products.
“Accept your own and be yourself.”

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Meet Our Team

Founder: Alim Shahid / CEO: Zaria Marie

Our Story

RoyalWayz Natural Hair Products was founded by Alim Shahid in the beginning of 2019 right before the pandemic hit the world causing a drastic change.  However this did not stop him. He continued to strive and perfect his product and find the best ways to make this product Natural and Healthy and at the same time be useful and more effective than other unnatural hair products. For years and years have the Black communities been mistreated by being given the worse hair products that are very threatening to our health and beauty. So RoyalWayz was not just founded to provide high quality hair products, it was founded to combat a system and a collection of businesses that were designed to destroy our communities and People. So this is not only a Business it is a Movement. So when you support RoyalWayz All Natural Hair Products you are Supporting A Powerful Movement. 

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